Monday, March 14, 2016

Bhoots On The Ground

As a veteran (23 years) massage therapist I've become very picky about who I receive my massages from. I like strong, confident hands that stem from a happy, positive human being. I've learned from experience that if a massage therapist is having an off day (or week or month) it's better to postpone the massage because being somewhat of an empath, it's very likely I'll absorb that sadness and/or negativity. In fairness, I apply the same standard to myself. I don't want to dump the doldrums on an unsuspecting client because that's just bad karma. If I feel like crap, I reschedule or hand off the work to one of my peers.

It wasn't that long ago when people used to cast their demons, known as bhootsinto a rock and leave it in the road for some unsuspecting sucker to pick up. I don't believe in that kind of magical thinking but on the flip side, I have seen with my own eyes and felt with my own hands the wonder of shared positivity and lightheartedness through massage therapy. Witnessing this transformation is one of the greatest rewards of what I do. 

Wouldn't it be wonderful if we applied the bhoot mythology in reverse? I live near the sea where it's common to see adults and children alike filling their pockets with ocean-carved stones and pretty shells. How lovely to think of the sea blessing all that flotsam, those stones and shells and polished glass before sending it ashore?  And what if we could each of us scatter goodwill and blessings like little treasures for unsuspecting strangers to find? 

As a writer my hope is always that a story or a phrase will bring a smile to your face or stir up emotions that engage the heart as well as the mind. That by telling my stories you will remember yours. And that you too will share your beautiful treasures with the world.

So tell me, if you could cast a secret gift into a stone to leave for a stranger, what would it be?